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Papa's Pilar Dark

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Papa's Pilar rum is named for Earnest Hemmingway and his boat Pilar. The rum is meant to evoke the adventurous and spectacular life of the American author and game hunter. The marketing website includes a long and detailed account of the Pilar along with some of the recorded large fish it landed.

The rums themselves are a classic, molasses distillate and sourced from around the Caribbean, then bottled and blended in the United States. The rum is listed as 24 years aging and this is accomplished via the solera method of aging, which involves retaining a fraction of the oldest barrel (24 years) and blending with the next older barrels and so forth. The barrels used in involve a variety of French oak, port wine, ex-bourbon, and Spanish wine barrels, all of which impart different flavors into the final product and chosen at the discretion of the blender. It is then finished in Spanish sherry casks giving it a final character