Rittenhouse Rye - Liquor

Rittenhouse Rye

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Nose: Toasted oak and grains. Caramel and honey sweetness. Sultanas, mulberries and figs. Sweet tobacco smoke. Mixed peel. Orange and mango juice. Rye spice and pepper. Eucalyptus oil. Vanilla essence. Leather and cardboard. Potpourri. Spearmint candy and menthol.
Taste: Medium-full bodied and creamy. Salted caramel and cinnamon. Spicy/peppery oak. Toasted multigrain bread with honey. Canned pears and peaches. Mint dark chocolate. Vanilla. Clove cigarettes. Soft solventy notes towards the finish.
Finish: Liquorice. Oak and maple. Apple peel. Instant coffee. Leathery and ashy. Faint grainy ethanol when I exhale. Medium, spicy and bittersweet.